B-29 Bomber

The aircraft that won the war, the “Very Heavy, Long Range Superfortress,” the B-29 Bomber.

Research by Kenneth James Moore



The B-29 was the most expensive project of World War Two costing $2.3billion. The total cost for the development of the atomic bomb, “The Manhattan Project,” came in second at $2.2 Billion.  The combined 4.5billion was well spent saving millions of lives, Japanese as well as American.

Reference:  The National Atomic Museum, Foundation, Albuquerque, New Mexico.



“As much as I hated the bombing it had saved many lives.  If you had invaded us, you would have had to kill at least five million of us but we would have killed more than a million of you before we were defeated.”

Hisatsne Sakomizu, Chief Cabinet Secretary, Japanese Government, l99l.



Prince Konoye, a member of the Imperial family and premier of Japan from l937-1941offered  “Fundamentally the thing that brought about the determination to make peace was the prolonged bombings by the B-29’s.”

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